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Jenni Hermoso and Louis Rubiales. The non consensual kiss ( Spanish Women's World Cup)

Put some respect on my name


What makes Adobe an empowering place for women?

Being an empowered woman in a technology giant


Inclusion Advisor

Inclusion and progress: UK census embraces gender identity

L'Oreal: commitment to gender inclusion in the workplace

Gender Neutral

Genderless bathrooms at the University of Pisa

Gender-sensitive Language

Guidelines for inclusive communication

Gender Stereotypes

"Look, she is here risking her life and her children at home"

Nursing for women, computer science for men: University careers in Spain do not escape stereotypes

Gender Binarism

Controversy erupts over police recruitment: "excluding those with gender identity disorders"

Gender Discrimination

Dismissal due to Pregnancy

Direct Discrimination

Gymnast Denied Medal in Ireland: workplace discrimination

Morrisons ordered to compensate mother discriminated against after maternity leave

Indirect Discrimination

"You are not the profile we are looking for": Ageism or how being over 45 penalises Spaniard for finding a job.

The programme used by the public body of Navarria is not compatible with extensions for blind people.

Homo-, Bi-, Trans- And Intersexphobia

Transphobia in the workplace

Transphobia in the world of work and prostitution



Gender Based Violence

Domestic Violence Leave


Ostracism and 6 inspection visits 2 weeks

Cyberviolence - cyberbullying and online violence : Help for Victims

Gender Pay Gap

Paid 6 times less than the colleague

Work-life Balance

Corporate welfare and work life balance

Diversity Management

Unilever: a beacon of gender diversity management

Celebrating diversity and inclusion: the inspiring and intertwined journey of Marta Lima and Vodafone

Gender Equality Training

PWC teams up with UN to deliver unconscious biases course to employees

Siemens: leading the way in gender equality training and inclusion



Digital Coach