OPSIZO toolkit Suite, i.e. the set of training courses and operational tools that can be implemented in real contexts of micro-enterprises to assess the current situation in terms of Diversity and Inclusion, measure the level of knowledge and awareness among the members of the micro-enterprise (from the enterprise owner to the management, technical, administrative and operational staff) of the dynamics of inclusion and diversity, of the specificities of gender and sexual orientation issues.

OPSIZO toolkit is to support the competitiveness and efficiency of micro-enterprises through the development of training and operational tools that enable micro-enterprises to capitalise on talent that is undervalued - if not even "undervalued - if not 'hidden'- talent due to exclusionary dynamics and microaggression on the basis of gender and sexual orientation.

OPSIZO Toolkit consist in training courses and operational tools in the five project languages, comprising in addition to training:

The results of the Opsizo toolkit Suite are highly innovative, as at the moment, and with explicit reference to the current post-pandemic operational context, there are no training/operational tools for micro-enterprises on aspects of corporate welfare corporate welfare based on diversity and inclusion in relation to gender and sexual orientation



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