OPSIZO is a project within ERASMUS+ KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.


OPSIZO aims at eliminating the discrimination and manifestations of microaggression that prevent the socio-educational and professional development of workers (in particular women and LGBT+) because a non-inclusive organisation does not allow dynamics of personal growth and collectively, it does not support participation in civil and social life.


The project OPSIZO will help these groups address the obstacles they face in accessing the opportunities to profesional training as well as contributing to the creation of inclusive environments that promote fairness and equality.


The objective of the OPSIZO Guidelines and Manifesto for D&I Micro Enterprise is to consolidate the results of OPSIZO in the context of the LifeComp (Life Competence Framework) of the European Commission and to promote the results of OPSIZO outside the partnership, beyond the project and especially to ensure an impact at the policy level.



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