The objective of the OPSIZO Guidelines and Manifesto for D&I Micro Enterprise is to consolidate the results of OPSIZO in the context of the LifeComp (Life Competence Framework) of the European Commission and to promote the results of OPSIZO outside the partnership, beyond the project and especially to ensure an impact at the policy level.

The Guidelines and Manifesto for D&I Micro Enterprise aims also at promoting the adoption of OPSIZO (Innovative Model + Training + Operational Tools + Digital Warehouse) to the world of vocational training and business promotion (especially of micro-enterprises) to generate scale and replicate the concepts of diversity and inclusion at a systemic level. This will be possible thanks to two crucial:

On the one hand the Guidelines for the Adoption of OPSIZO and on the other hand the 'Manifesto on Diversity & Inclusion in Microenterprises' which represents the project's Policy Document to mainstream the results beyond the period of the co-funding period of Erasmus+



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