WP2 Innovative Model        WP2 Innovative Model Summary

The OPSIZO innovative Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) model in the micro enterprise to cope with dynamics of exclusion and microaggression on the basis of gender and sexual orientation.

This innovative model consists of:

1. MAPPING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION DYNAMICS extrapolating Good Practices, lessons learned, trends and tools used in the "corporate" system to manage and foster D&I in the new post-pandemic post-pandemic work environments

2. COMPARISON AND OPERATIONAL BENCHMARK BETWEEN LARGE COMPANIES AND MICRO-COMPANIES IN D&I MODELS: this benchmark allows to isolate the specificities of micro enterprises according to business dynamics (operations and functions business) and the profile involved (entrepreneur, managers, staff), to crystallise the characteristics of the micro-enterprises (with related challenges and opportunities)

3. MECHANISMS, MODELS AND TOOLS that will be developed in the OPSIZO Tool-Kit and extrapolated from the context of large enterprises as relevant for micro-enterprises.

The Model therefore represents the first operational (and academic, from a scientific point of view) effort to profile diversity and inclusion in the micro-business world. By typing the keywords "LGBT inclusion in microenterprises" into the most used search engines in the world, no results relate LGBT and microenterprise (last search March 2022), apart from a web page of the US Chamber of Commerce.

The model is the first attempt to capture, on an international scale, gender and LGBT employment discrimination in the organisational and entrepreneurial context of micro-enterprises in the post-COVID socio-economic context.



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