The project focuses on promoting social inclusion and involving people with fewer opportunities, to reduce/eliminate access barriers and helps to create inclusive environments that improve “creating inclusive environments that foster equity and equality”.

Objectives of OPSIZO are:
- Improve the competitiveness and efficiency of microenterprises, through innovative training and operational tools
- Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion as corporate welfare tool in microenterprises
- Contribute through innovative training courses to equality in the world of work
- Enhance individual and organizational resources, supporting personal and professional growth processes

Partners will carry out a series of well-articulated, timed and sequenced activities grouped in 5 WPs:

WP 1 Project Management
WP 2 Innovative corporate welfare model D&I in microenterprises
WP 3 Developing the OPSIZO Tool-Kit: training & Operational Tools
WP 4 Provide training and tools OPSIZO & build the Digital Warehouse
WP 5 Guidelines and Manifesto for D&I in Microenterprises



Digital Coach