OPSIZO Diversity & Inclusion in Microenterprise. Launch of the Open Education Resource Platform

OPSIZO Project launched the online Open Education Resource Platform, that represents a repository of the project’s outputs, results, news and contacts, and will be the OER platform for target groups to access OPSIZO resources and training materials.

The project focuses on promoting social inclusion and involving people with fewer opportunities, to reduce/eliminate access barriers and helps to create inclusive environments that improve “creating inclusive environments that foster equity and equality”.


Objectives of OPSIZO are:

- Improve the competitiveness and efficiency of microenterprises, through innovative training and operational tools

- Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion as corporate welfare tool in microenterprises

- Contribute through innovative training courses to equality in the world of work

- Enhance individual and organizational resources, supporting personal and professional growth processes


Partners will carry out a series of well-articulated, timed and sequenced activities grouped in 5 WPs:

  • WP 1 Project Management
  • WP 2 Innovative corporate welfare model D&I in microenterprises
  • WP 3 Developing the OPSIZO Tool-Kit: training & Operational Tools
  • WP 4 Provide training and tools OPSIZO & build the Digital Warehouse
  • WP 5 Guidelines and Manifesto for D&I in Microenterprises


The project officially kick-started on 9th November 2022, with the first online transnational meeting during which partners had a great opportunity to discuss the overall project implementation schedule, define timelines and respective duties in the following months. One of the very first activities was the development, testing and implementation of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Platform.

OPSIZO Platform is the main showcase of project’s results and its largest and most tangible channel for international visibility, and is available in 5 languages (EN, ES, IT, PT, DE) with all of its content completely available for free, without requiring any kind of registration/identification by the user. OPSIZO website is now online at https://opsizo.eu/.


For further information about OPSIZO Project please visit https://opsizo.eu/



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