Development of OPSIZO Toolkit in 5 languages

Through the Erasmus+ OPSIZO project, partners developed a Toolkit aimed at assessing the current situation in terms of Diversity and Inclusion within micro-enterprises. The Toolkit aims to provide tools that support these types of economic-productive environments in becoming more aware with respect to issues of inclusion of people who experience exclusion and episodes of micro-aggression on the basis of gender and sexual orientation.

The joint effort of all project partners from 5 different countries (Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Germany) led to the provision of innovative operational and self-assessment tools on the dedicated OER platform (

The various tools include:

  • 7 training paths
  • 7 operational tools
  • 1 common taxonomy to describe sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual characteristics
  • 1 collection of situations related to various contexts: micro-aggressions, inclusion, gender stereotyping, etc.
  • 1 self-assessment tool for micro-enterprises
  • 1 checklist on Diversity and Inclusion in micro-enterprises.

All tools are freely accessible and available in English and partnership languages.



Digital Coach