European Project “OPSIZO”: OPSIZO Diversity & Inclusion in Microenterprise. Development of Resources

OPSIZO Project have developed a suite of resources as part of this innovative project exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Microenterprise.

OPSIZO focuses on promoting social inclusion and involving people with fewer opportunities, to reduce/eliminate access barriers and helps to create inclusive environments that improve “creating inclusive environments that foster equity and equality”.

 The overall objectives of OPSIZO include:

- Improve the competitiveness and efficiency of microenterprises, through innovative training and operational tools

- Promote a culture of diversity and inclusion as corporate welfare tool in microenterprises

- Contribute through innovative training courses to equality in the world of work

- Enhance individual and organizational resources, supporting personal and professional growth processes

 As part of this, the suite of resources developed include a number of training and operational tools which can be found on the project website

The development of these resources has been carried out as part of Work Package 3, involving all partners.

Following a successful launch in November 2022, OPSIZO has developed a high quality Open Educational Resources Platform (OER) which will showcase all of the project results, including the suite of resources. The platform and resources will be available in five languages (EN, ES, IT, PT, DE) with all content available free of charge, without requiring any kind of registration/identification by the user.




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